Acting Courses

The schauspielfabrik berlin offers sound vocational training for actors and characterises itself as an educational institution with an international appeal. With its courses, the schauspielfabrik berlin provides an option for people who wish to become professional actors, for actors who want to train in their profession, for institutions, groups, associations and people of all ages, that are enthusiastic about acting. Our mission is to provide in-depth practical acting training in the Berlin area. This includes the technical aspects such as body language, voice and articulation, as well methods to find an emotional approach to the character. The schauspielfabrik berlin builds its education upon five pillars:

The first pillar – the full time program – is aimed at people who wish to pursue a career in acting and who want to train and develop further their craft. read more >>
The second pillar – der the weekend workshop – is suitable for drama enthusiasts, from beginners to pros. The weekend workshop provides an intense, compact training that inspires and gives new impetus. read more >>
The third pillar – the MasterClass – is aimed at schauspielfabrik alumni who want to continue pursue their love for acting and who want to improve and build upon their skills. read more >>
The fourth pillar – the offers for schools provides an opportunity for teachers and pupils to experience theatre and supports them in their work on stage. read more >>
The fifth pillar – the summer courses of the schauspielfabrik berlin are aimed at young adults who want to prepare for auditions to drama schools or who passionate about acting and with to enhance their skills. read more >>